Frank McKinney & Yanik Silver & You Help Rebuild Haiti Again
Maverick Impact Experience - Haiti
February  8 -11, 2012

ONLY 25 SEATS. NOW SOLD OUT. Last trip we had two cancel, so please contact me to be placed
on the waiting list of no more than 3 people (currently 0 as of today).


Experience with Frank McKinney & Yanik Silver an exclusive "Philanthro-Capitalistic" impact trip that will change YOUR life and build a home for a family of 8 in Haiti in a new Maverick Sustainable village. 

The Maverick impact Trip in 2011 was life changing… The 2012 adventure will be even better, where you will share in experiences that will take you from rich to enriched, and help move an entire country from survival to thrival!

Don’t Miss Out on Being Part of Rebuilding Haiti & Experiencing this IMPACT Trip


        • Will build 25 new concrete homes that will house 200+ people in Haiti.
        • These homes will be built by locals adding to their economy (helping to reduce the 80%+ unemployment rate).
        • Multiple latrines (bathrooms) will be built providing better sanitation to the area.
        • Gifts will be carried from the USA to Haiti by the Mavericks.
        • Income for our guides and revenue from the hotels we will stay at will help the local economy.
        • We will be funding the feeding of 100's of children during our visit to Haiti.
        • We will share our entrepreneurial ideas to enhance commerce in Haiti.
        • Most important, each individual Maverick participant will have a life enhancing experience to share with family,
          friends and associates upon returning home.

    New Home

    built by the

    Caring House Project Foundation

    Frank McKinney, a special Maverick celebrity guest a few years ago in Aspen, is a Master of “Thinking Big” as once again shown by the successful sale of his latest $23 million dollar ocean front masterpiece, Aqua Liana. Frank “gives back big time” and encourages others to do so through his charity, The Caring House Project Foundation that he and his wife Nilsa founded in 1998.

    CHPF has built 17 villages in Haiti since 2003, and provided a self sustaining existence
    for over 7,000 desperately poor and homeless. 

Talk About Impact!

See Where The Caring House Project Foundation Has Been Building in Haiti

Haiti Map

Friday AM we will travel North to Gonaives for our 2nd full day in Haiti.


Click Here

to view a Larger Map of the

Self Sufficient Villages

in Haiti

built by the

Caring House Project Foundation

Since 2003

Frank McKinney, Yanik Silver and Maverick member Doug Doebler have organized a trip like no other. This Feburary 8-11, 2012 adventure will cause 25 Maverick members & friends to experience “Subliminal Euphoria”.  The Euphoria experienced when all five senses are exposed to the great poverty to be witnessed when visiting the poorest location in the Western Hemisphere. 

Typically you would have to travel across the globe to have this level of experience.  In this case Yanik, Frank and Doug will travel with you to Haiti, just a 2 hour flight from Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  There we will visit the devastation caused by the January 2010 Earthquake in the Capital City of Port Au Prince.  We will then travel to a remote area and visit St. Marc, where there is a school built by our Haiti Partner, Scott Bonnell (Director), Hope to Haiti. From there we will travel with Scott Bonnell to Gonaives and visit a self sufficient village built by the Caring House Project Foundation and another school and orphanage built by Hope to Haiti.


  • Real Estate Artist & Creator of the Finest Oceanfront Mansions in the World

  • 5 time International Best Selling Author

  • Ultra Marathon Runner

  • Philanthro-Capitalist, Mentor & Motivator

  • Husband, Father

Click to see Franks's "Greatest Hits"

Frank McKinney

Frank will show you that there is Hope For Haiti.

Frank and his “Dream Team” first responders to the massive January 2010 Earthquake in Haiti

CLICK HERE to see the News Cast of Frank and his "Dream Team" upon returning back to the U.S. just days after the massive Haiti earthquake in 2010.


          • Built 17 self sufficient villages in Haiti since 2003 - housing over 7000 individuals
          • Built schools, community centers, medical buildings and orphanages in Haiti that support thousands
          • Built a fishing cooperative in a rural village in Haiti
          • Taken supplies directly into the hardest hit regions after Hurricane Katrina, just days after the disaster
          • Mobilized a team of first responders and flew with them to Haiti 48 hours after the January earthquake,
            directly saving the lives of 4 Haitians buried in the rubble
          • Provided over 1/2 million meals & temporary shelter for 4,000 people in Haiti after the January 2010 earthquake
          • November 2010 - quickly responded & supplied water filter systems to over 1000's affected by the
            Cholera outbreak in Haiti

Frank McKinney Talks On Fox News TV About The Recent Sale Of Aqua Liana. His $23 Million Dollar Ocean Front Mansion Spec Home,  His 5 International Best Selling Books, His 135 mile Badwater Ultramarathon thru the Desert with 13,000 feet of Cumulative Elevation Gain, and the Work His Caring House Project Foundation Does in Haiti.


Day 1 - Wednesday Feb. 8, 2012 – Private Dinner at Frank McKinney’s Oceanfront Home

5:00pm: Meet at Fort Lauderdale Airport Hotel at 5:00pm where a limo will whisk us off to Frank's oceanfront home in Delray Beach, Florida for a private dinner with Frank and his wife, Nilsa.  We will discuss what to expect on our adventure, and you will have one-on-one time with Frank in his famous treehouse office. This is where he designs his real estate “artistry,” and where he wrote his five bestselling books.  We’ll head back to our Fort Lauderdale Airport Hotel early enough for a good night's rest.

We'll visit Frank's Famous Tree House Office

Learn How Frank Runs His Charity Like a Business

One on One Time With Frank McKinney

Day 2 – Thursday Feb. 9, 2012 – The Haiti Adventure Begins!

7:00am: Spirit Airlines flight direct from Fort Lauderdale to Port Au Prince Haiti – arrival 8:50am. No checked baggage - carry on your personal luggage and supplies for the school we will visit today. We’ll be met at the Port Au Prince Airport by our hosts and private security for the day. From there we will spend the morning in an air-conditioned van/bus visiting sites in Port Au Prince, the Capital of Haiti.  We will see the devastated city of Port Au Prince where Frank worked on a search and rescue mission just after the recent earthquake, the destroyed Haitian Presidential Palace (similar to our White House), National Cathedral, city slums and refugee tent camps . We may make a quick stop in Cabaret to visit a Caring House Village full of colorful new homes.  Then on to check into our seaside hotel for both nights we will spend in Haiti. After lunch we will visit our host’s school in St. Marc where we will have a chance to visit and “teach” the classes. We will then make a stop at the local seaside port and marketplace, then back to our hotel for an authentic Haitian dinner and relaxing oceanside talk about our day. Our Haiti host Scott Bonnell has years of aid experience in Haiti currently feeding 3500 children per day while running multiple schools and orphanages. Port Au Prince was left in rubble after the Earthquake Palace in Port Au Prince Haiti after the Earthquake Haiti National Cathedral destroyed by the 2010 Earthquake made of dirt and lemon juice fed to the starving children tent camp surrounds the capitol and is run by
US Actor, Sean Penn and his charity camps house hundreds of thousands after the Earthquake Typical rural school we will visit School kids waiting for lunch at their school village slum homes Typical Caring House Homes near Port Au Prince Caring House Home under construction Completed Caring House Home in Haiti

Day 3 - Friday Feb. 10, 2012 – Next Stop - Gonaives, Haiti

6:00am:Breakfast at our seaside Hotel, then off to Gonaives.  Many interesting sights to see along this scenic 2 hour drive. We'll have bottled water and snacks along the way.  Once we reach Gonaives we will visit a large Caring House Project Foundation Village of homes, school and community meeting center.  This CHPF village is very similar to the one that will be built with Maverick funds raised from the 2012 Haiti trip! We'll then visit the Kay Espwa School and Orphanage in Gonaives that Maverick members have supported. We will participate in an interactive teaching/learning exercise at the school. Around 2:00pm we'll head back to our hotel for some leisure time on the beach and another authentic Haitian dinner and panel discussion. You will have experienced a lot today!  

View from our Hotel Thursday and Friday night in
Montrious, Haiti.


Rural views we will see on our ride from
St. Marc to Gonaive, Haiti.


We'll visit the Kay Espwa - Hope House Children's Home in Gonaives, Haiti. These kids were orphaned in the 2010 Earthquake.


We will tour the completed Caring House Village in Gonaives Haiti - new homes, school and village meeting hall.

A quick stop at the Saint Marc Haiti market.


Saint Marc Haiti - Hope To Haiti school kids we will visit.


Friday late afternoon we will be Beachside at our hotel in Montrious, Haiti

Day 4 Saturday Feb. 11, 2012 - Return Home A More Enlightened Person

5:30am: You will awake to the sounds of crowing roosters & activity at the hotel.  We’ll have breakfast and morning reflections after your good night’s sleep.  We'll head to the Port Au Prince International airport for our return flights direct back to Fort Lauderdale on American Airlines at 10:00 am. We will arrive inFort Lauderdale at Noon.  Remember it takes some time to get through customs when we arrive in the USA. Suggest that you give yourself enough time when booking your flight home.


By the end of 2011 the Caring House Project Foundation will have provided shelter to approximately 7,000 homeless men, women and children from around the world!  Many Maverick Business Adventures members have shared in funding those new homes.

Highlights of The Caring House Project Foundation's Official 2011 Program of Work. Few Words, Great Impact!

  • Built a new village in Chameau, Haiti: 50 homes, 50 latrines, 50 goats, 100 fruit trees, and 1 mule
  • Built a new village in Mannuel, Haiti: 50 homes, 50 latrines, 50 goats, 100 fruit trees and 1 mule
  • Built a new village in Mahotiere/Rampa, Haiti: 50 homes, 50 latrines, 50 goats, 100 fruit trees and 1 mule
  • Finished our three villages in Terre Rouge, Fond Rouge Torbek and Paroty, Haiti

We use almost all local labor and materials to construct these villages, therefore helping fragile local economies.  In much of Haiti the unemployment rate can reach almost 90%.

This is a new Caring House Project Foundation
home funded by individual Maverick members

Remember: "Each of us are fortunate to be blessed with the ability to succeed at some level. This success is not for our sole benefit however, but so we might apply the result of our success to assist those less fortunate." 

Compassion Without Action is a Waste of Emotion

View What A Day In Haiti Looks Like


Haiti Gift Check

This is a 15 minute video from our Maverick 2011 Trip.
This will give you a good idea of what this trip will be like.

Click on photo to see Thank You web page
to the Mavericks that attended the 2011 trip.

yanik silver

Click on the photo for details from our 2011 visit to Haiti.

Your Donation of $4,990 will build a complete
new home for a family of eight in Haiti.

The trip cost is $4,990.  Half of your trip cost will fund the construction of one new home for each Maverick attending. Most trip expenses are included:

      • Limo transport & dinner at Frank McKinney's home Wednesday Feb 8th, in Delray Beach, Florida
      • Round trip flights from Fort Lauderdale to Port Au Prince, Haiti
      • Two nights lodging in Haiti
      • All meals while in Haiti
      • Security while in Haiti
      • Ground transportation while in Haiti
      • Gifts to distribute to Haitian children
      • Activities, interpreters, tips, refreshments, etc.  

Everything is included except your flights back and forth from your home to Fort Lauderdale Airport and your stay in Fort Lauderdale.

ONLY 25 SEATS. NOW SOLD OUT. Last trip we had two cancel, so please contact me to be placed
on the waiting list of no more than 3 people (currently 0 as of today).


Send Maverick Doug Doebler an email at
or call Doug at 585-721-9922 for additional information and to register for this trip

Visit Franks Caring House Project Foundation Website at


DISCLAIMER: This trip is not a 5 star luxury style Maverick trip.  This is an Impact tour, "phalanthro-tourism" if you will, to the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.  You will be shocked that such conditions exist just 2 hours from Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  Frank McKinney and Doug Doebler have each made multiple visits to Haiti.  Our Hosts in Haiti are personally known by Frank and Doug.  Our Hosts have many years experience bringing small groups to Haiti to participate and view the Aid work they do.  We have put much effort into the difficult logistics of a trip like this.  You will need to pack light and have a flexible attitude.  Please visit the U.S. State Department website for travel warnings to Haiti.   You will need to sign a waiver and release should you decide to participate.