with Frank McKinney and
the Caring House Project Foundation

My Photo Essay from June 6, 2009
Presented by Douglas Doebler

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Haiti Bus Group


Food for the Poor Feeding Center


People in line at Food for the Poor - waiting for food


Food for Poor - Doug helping out - Rice is main food


Doug with empty rice bowl


Betel River - Cabaret, Haiti


Frank at the Betel River in Cabaret


Betel River - Woman doing Laundry


Cabaret - New Home


Cabaret new house under construction


Doug with kids moving into new home


Cabaret new house being built


Marguerite Nasseau School


Cite Soleil Slums


Cite Soleil Homes

Cite Soleil Tin Shacks


An older woman peeking out of the tin shack she lives in


Woman signing for us at Food for Poor Feeding Center in Cite Soleil


Cite Soleil Children


St. Vincent De Paul - Food for Poor Seniors Village


Orphanage Kids at St. Vincent De Paul


Frank at the Despinos Village (Caring House 1st Village)


Despinos Village Children


Despinos Village - Kombit Fire


Despinos Village - Kombit Fire


Despinos Village - New Home from 1st Caring House Project


Greg Viola II, Frank McKinney and Doug at Hotel Montana


Jim Toner, Doug and Frank at Hotel Montana


Haiti Presidential Palace in Port-au-Prince


Port-au-Prince Street Scene - Burned out Car


Port-au-Prince Street Scene


Fredrick Douglas Photo in the US Embassy


U.S. Embassy Sign


Doug at U.S. Embassy


View from Hotel Montana of hillside homes


Ride to Airport - UN Vehicles


Haitian Roadside Artwork for Sale


As I recall from my 1st and 2nd trips to Haiti,
“There Is Much Hope For Haiti”
I look forward to my next visit.


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