Douglas taking a break while hiking the Great Wall of China outside Beijing.

Great Wall of China – 4000 miles stretching through the hills of Northern China.

Great Wall of China – The only man made structure visible from the moon.

Great Wall of China – Construction began on the wall in 403 B.C.

The Great Wall of China
It was a long, mind blowing walk at one of the seven wonders of the world.

Tiantan (Temple of Heaven) in Beijing – International Travel Group from the left:
Jim Whelan – Palm Beach Advertising Agency Cowboy, Matthew Furey – Zen Master of the Internet and our Master Travel guide, Eddie Baran – fitness Guru and web site design Wiz & me, Douglas Doebler – International Real Estate Broker.

Tiananmen Square in Beijing
The largest Public Square in the world covering 100 acres capable
of holding one million people.

Forbidden City – Beijing – Where the Emperor of China once lived.
Built in the 15th Century and covers 250 acres.

Forbidden City – Beijing – Six palaces located on this one site. 9000 rooms total
in the buildings on this property. Bernardo Bertolucci’s film The Last Emperor was filmed here.

Tiantan (Temple of Heaven) Beijing – Men painting Chinese stories & symbols on the sidewalk with water brushes – we saw this all over china.

Tiantan – 7:30 AM & about 30 degrees F.
groups of older Chinese meet in the early am to exercise & visit friends.
1000’s gather to do this every morning year round.

Tiantan – 83 year old man stretches – Yikes!

Beijing Olympic Stadium – 2008 Summer Olympics located here
China’s massive “coming out” party will be seen by the world.

Beijing downtown – Beautiful historic buildings and “Times Square” type billboard & digital advertising. Area felt like Time Square closed to traffic.

Beijing Street food vendors – you can purchase almost anything on a stick
pork, lamb, fruits, scorpions & even sea horses – yuck!

Yiheyuan (Summer Palace) Beijing – This was one of my favorite spots on the outskirts of Beijing overlooking a placid lake.

Yiheyuan (Summer Palace) Beijing
The extravagant summer retreat of the infamous Empress Dowager Ci Xi.

Yiheyuan (Summer Palace) Beijing – Royal apartments with Jewel-encrusted furniture and beautiful works of art.

Yiheyuan (Summer Palace) Beijing – Incredible colors and architecture.

Beijing – Peking Duck Dinner at the world famous Quanjude Restaurant – opened in 1864.

Beijing – Hot Pot dinner – Hot Charcoal in container put in copper pot of water
fresh thin sliced lamb dipped into it to cook – delicious & very cheap.

Hainan Island – Sunset in Sanya on the South China Sea – known as the Hawaii of China - a mix of Honolulu & Miami Beach.

Sanya – We attended the 2008 Miss World Beauty Pageant finals
we had forth row seats.
What a special experience!

Sanya China – Miss World Pageant – Douglas with a big grin!
The shows about to start. The Pageant is televised around the world.

Sanya China – Miss World – Self explanatory photo.

Sanya China – Miss World – Center Left – The blonde with white dress is
Miss USA Abigail McCary.

Sanya China – Miss World – Miss United States Abigail McCary originally from Minnesota was in the finals of the pageant.

Sanya China – Miss World – Nelson Mandela’s son (tall guy in center) giving a presentation.

Sanya China – Miss World – Nelson Mandela live wishing the contestants best wishes and talking about aids research, one of the pageants charities to be funded.

Sanya China – Miss World winner Zhang Zi Lin – Chinas first ever winner.

Sanya China – Miss World Pageant – Douglas meeting with the Mayor of Sanya China talking about real estate development there.

Sanya China – Miss World Pageant – Douglas meeting with Miss USA talking about ...hmmm... I can’t remember...

Sanya China – Miss World – travel group member Jim Whelan photo shoot with Miss China - she was quite intrigued by his unique Cowboy Sequined Tuxedo.

Sanya – Nanshan Buddha – World famous Gold and Jade Statue of Guanyin
Guinness Records listed as the worlds largest gold and jade statue of Buddha.

Sanya – Nanshan Buddha – More Buddha’s

Sanya – Nanshan Buddha – The big laughing Buddha

Sanya – Nanshan Guanyin Statue on the South China Sea.
The Chinese claim this to be the #1 Statue project in China as well as the world. Three sided figure stands separately for peace, wisdom and mercy.

Haikou China on Hainan Island
Group leader Matthew Furey built a School for rural farm children that did not attend school. We visited the school and the children for an afternoon.

Haikou China – Matthew speaking in Mandarin to each class room filled with very polite and grateful children. The prior school only held approx 60 students. After Matthew’s school was built on the site, over 500 children now attend school at this location.

Haikou China – Matt Furey Hope School – some of the teachers live on the school property in very modest school provided housing.

Haikou China – Matt Furey Hope School – Douglas visiting with the two top students at the school. I don’t think they had seen many Caucasian people especially standing at 6’4 tall.

Sanya China – Sun setting over the South China Sea.

I like the looks of this area. We stayed in a very high end Marriott. There was a very high end Holiday Inn down the beach.

A condo on this beach would be a great investment.
Ritz Carlton & Mandarin Oriental are also building in Sanya.

We will be keeping an eye on any potential opportunities there.

Sanya China – High end - South Beach Miami looking buildings are all over Sanya China on the South China Sea.

Sanya China – condos everywhere & construction cranes everywhere just like in Florida.

Sanya China – fantastic food every day and at bargain prices – typical lunch or dinner was $35-$50 total for 5 big hungry guys!

Sanya China – Global Coastal Condo project
checking out China Real Estate opportunities.

Shanghai China – back to Shanghai for flight back to the states
Fantastic architecture everywhere.

Shanghai China – View from Hotel Meridian
Shanghai is often regarded as the center of finance and trade in China. Shanghai is one of the worlds busiest ports. The Population of Shanghai is projected to be over 17 million.

One of my life goals was to visit the Great Wall of China. I am thrilled that I was able to finally get there. We had a lot of fun. We made some great contacts in China. Once such contact was a man from California that has been investing in Shanghai China Condos for many years. He told me that he had made a fortune in Shanghai real estate. He is now buying on the fringe cities. China does have some foreign investor restrictions but there seems to be some loop holes to work around.
We will continue to watch and consider the China Real Estate market. I hope you enjoyed my photos as much as I enjoy the memories.

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